The Cabrach distillery

One hundred and fifty years on from a time when whisky was last distilled in the Cabrach, the newest Speyside distillery is set to open. ‘The Cabrach’ was once considered to be amongst the finest whisky in the land and in the Autumn of 2019 ‘The Cabrach’ single malt whisky will be flowing once again.

The Cabrach has a long and colourful whisky distilling history. The Cabrach distillery will reflect production methods that were used in the Cabrach at the dawn of the modern distilling era in the early 1800s.

Located in the historic Inverharroch Steadings, the glass fronted still room of the Cabrach distillery will look directly out into the Upper Cabrach and what once was the heartland of illicit distilling back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Cabrach is a unique and beautiful location rich in distilling history and typified by its haunting landscape and the great numbers of tumble down crofts and steadings which once housed hundreds of illicit stills.

A heritage centre associated with The Cabrach distillery will celebrate the area’s rich distilling birth right, telling the as-yet untold story of the early days of farm distilling and the smuggling which was rife in the area.

The Cabrach Trust is a social enterprise and all profits generated by the distillery will be used to further the Trust’s social aims of providing jobs, housing, and services to breathe new life into this remote and beautiful area.

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‘Cabrach’ and ‘The Cabrach’ are both registered trademarks for Cabrach single malt whisky.