When can I drink my first bottle of ‘The Cabrach’?

Construction work is expected to begin next summer, with production getting underway in 2019 and the first bottling of mature whisky from the historic distillery made in 2024.

The story of the Cabrach is one of people, land, struggle and spirit and the area has a well-documented, long and colourful association with whisky production. The heritage of the Cabrach is as much a key ingredient in the conception of Cabrach whisky as is the barley and yeast used in the making.

The final spirit will be filled into cask at the distillery and warehoused on site.

Cabrach whisky will be matured traditionally in oak casks. Staying close to the historical roots, the whisky will be matured in small ‘quarter’ casks (c. 50 litres) for five years. Smaller casks will produce a flavour more quickly than a larger commercial cask and thus Cabrach whisky will acquire a distinctive flavour early in the maturation process.

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